When Meg Stevens sadly passed away in 2012, her family were left with a number of her paintings which span her whole career. Her daughters Bridget & Hannah Stevens have asked Little Bird Creative to mount a series of selling exhibitions throughout 2017-18 as a fitting memorial to their mother’s work, which was mainly focused on her home in the Brecon Beacons but also includes paintings from her time as Artist in Residence at Nature in Art in Gloucestershire.

As the first exhibition was being prepared, an exciting development happened! Locally born & bred entrepreneur, Richard Griffiths, came forward with the intention of buying the whole collection and creating a dedicated gallery for her work in the area.  His memories are still strong of seeing Meg out in all weathers painting, and the majority of her work shows the local landscapes in fine detail, finding beauty in roadside verges, windswept commons, and common wildflowers.

Bridget Stevens was delighted to hear of Richard’s proposal, as keeping her mother’s paintings in one place where locals and visitors can all view them is a perfect solution and a lasting tribute to Meg Stevens.

Meg’s family wish to donate most of the proceeds from selling the collection to the Brecknock Wildlife Trust, a cause which was very dear to both Meg and her husband Roger and Brecknock Museum will also benefit as a large number of paintings have been donated to the museum in accordance with Meg’s wishes.